Marisa has worked closely with me for nearly four years as a business coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. She has helped me with a variety of business issues including helping me to:

  • identify and secure new revenue streams
  • develop and market my business
  • retain key members of staff
  • recruit a high calibre team
  • support my managers with their general management responsibilities

She understands my business and the sector very well indeed and she has become an invaluable resource. She has also helped me to secure funding for various training projects. Marisa has a large network of colleagues and associates and has introduced me to a number of other professionals that have also helped me to drive the business forward.

Marisa is extremely calm and measured, a fantastic listener and is always at the end of the phone if I need to sound something out. She is the perfect sounding board and my business is a lot stronger as a result of her input.

Tony Giardina, Owner, Chicco Caffè



I have been working with Marisa since 2003. She has helped me with a plethora of human resource issues. She has helped and enabled us to receive an Investors in People award which we have since renewed twice. She has helped with staff team building, interviewing techniques and helped us to obtain funding for staff training. She is very empathetic, a great communicator and excellent at problem solving. I was impressed by how quickly she understood problems specific to our organisation and either came up with clear answers to them or directed us to where they could be found. She provides excellent value for money and I would recommend her unquestionably

Alan Kurtz, Pharmacy Owner, Fishers Chemist



Marisa has played a crucial role in the success of my business. If it were not for her encouragement and advice, I would have given up when facing difficulties, especially in the early days when I had the challenging job of building a client base from scratch in a fiercely competitive sector.
She has helped me with all the wider decisions about the business that are beyond my professional competence of graphic design, especially marketing.

One of the best aspects of Marisa’s approach is her ability to listen to me and understand the way I work, so she is able to help me find solutions which will work for me.

With Marisa’s support and keen understanding of interpersonal dynamics, every obstacle has been overcome and my business has gone from strength to strength. Time and time again, her suggestions and her advice have resulted in winning contracts and securing long-term clients. I would definitely recommend her to other organisations in my sector.

Mary Gorton, Owner, Mary Gorton Design



Deans have worked with Marisa Angelillo for over 12 years on a number of projects and her support has been a key part of our Investors in People process in guiding us through 4 re-assessments during this time. Her advice has been invaluable to the management at Deans and her people skills have been instrumental in our success.

Marisa is able to communicate with staff at all levels and provided valuable feedback to management which has enhanced our Human Resources capability and enabled us to find a clear path through the minefield of employment regulation.

She is not your typical “consultant” she listens carefully, provides frank and honest feedback, and, if she doesn’t have an immediate answer, does not attempt a fudged response but seeks the appropriate resource and gets back to us with timely and constructive solutions.

Marisa does not confine her support to her core HR subject but, through her numerous contacts, has provided us with information enabling us to take advantage of a number of financial support packages aimed at helping with strategic planning and leadership projects.

Mike Seary, Managing Director, Deans Blinds and Awnings UK Ltd



I have been working with Marisa now for about 6 years.
When we first embarked down the Investors in People route, Marisa was not only my mentor but also acted as an advisor to our Board. Her experience in this field was invaluable to us and as a result we managed to satisfy the IIP requirement first time round, which was an outstanding effort.

In addition to Investors in People, Marisa has dealt with a great deal of training and development on our behalf. This has included working with our Board of Directors, to each department across the company.
Marisa’s approach is very friendly and approachable. She is a complete professional and I am completely comfortable and confident in her ability to deliver.

Following the IIP process that the company went through we circulated a survey. This was purely for feedback purposes. We had excellent feedback and any training that Marisa had delivered during this time had been a welcome and enjoyable experience. Our employees are familiar with her now and trust her to be impartial and constructive. They respond positively to her and enjoy the experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Marisa and have already done so on many occasions. Marisa has been a mentor and complete inspiration to me. After she has taken time to listen to you and what challenges you face, she manages to put a fresh perspective on things. She always pleasantly surprises me with her approach and feedback. When you have spent time with her, her positivity and ‘can do’ attitude leaves you feeling really enthusiastic and you view things from a different outlook. She is a complete joy to work with.


Goula Charalambous, Human Resources Manager, Syscap



As Director of Finance and Administration/Deputy Managing Director at Card Protection Plan (CPP) I worked with Marisa in her role as Operations Manager. This was a demanding position managing the 7-day/24-hour customer services function and Marisa’s calm approach to the constant challenges and frequent difficult situations was a key factor in achieving a smooth, successful operation. Amongst her strengths were her ability to recruit the right people and then to build them into a team and motivate them well. She is a definite “people person” – good at managing and capable of handling difficult individuals firmly but fairly.

Indeed, a reflection of my opinion of her worth is that I asked her to join me when I took up a similar post subsequently in a medium-sized London law firm where she again proved herself to be an invaluable asset

John Howell


Marisa has worked closely with me for nearly four years as a business coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. She understands my business and the sector very well indeed and she has become an invaluable resource.

Tony Giardina - Owner Chicco Caffe

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