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As the owner/manager of your own business it can get lonely! I offer you a holistic service to help you with the things that you can’t quite manage on your own. Whether you need support in drumming up business, recruiting reliable staff, working on your business rather than in your business or someone to listen and help you sort out your priorities, this service will be invaluable for you. We usually start with a review called ‘where are you now’ and from there we develop an action plan with dates and milestones which I then mentor you through to make sure you stay on track.

Many of my clients are experts in their fields but struggle with other areas of running a business. For example, it could be about how to approach prospective clients and converting leads into buying clients. Or it could be about refreshing a brand so that it is stands up well against the might of the big companies offering similar services or about launching a telemarketing campaign to promote a new area of business. Completing the ‘where are you now?’ document is a way of getting all your thoughts about how to improve your business on paper. The next step is finding the solutions and putting them into action.

Where are you now?

What do I need to change?


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Marisa has worked closely with me for nearly four years as a business coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. She understands my business and the sector very well indeed and she has become an invaluable resource.

Tony Giardina - Owner Chicco Caffe

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